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Pellet boiler controller

Pellet boiler controller

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Product Description

Controller bundle

Controller control panel (1). Is fastened to the boiler at the top of the plane.

The controller of the control unit (2) with power supply (220V) cable (3). Mounted to the underside of the boiler).

Control control with control control unit connected 1.5 m long cable.

The heating boiler mounted controller components:


smoke (4) temperature – 1 pc., 2m.

boiler output (5) temperature – 1 pc., 2m

fuel reservoir (6) temperature (emergency) – 1 pc. 1m

Emergency protection group:

  • Emergency capillary thermostat (7) - 1.5 m long (90o-120o), built-in controller in the control unit
  • An audible signal (8) to identify a boiler accident (užvirimą) - 90db, built-in controller in the control unit.

Controller regulated devices

The steel heating boiler (with adjustable fuel feed fuel and combustion air flow rate);

Boiler (adjustable in the hot water preparation process);

Electric main heating system pump;

Electric floor heating system pump;

Two hot water mixing gear (such as. a radiator circuit and underfloor heating circuit).

In the widget, the introduction of additional modules can be:

  • Manage the Solar collector circuit, with the excess heat landing on your home heating system function;
  • Add the widget to Your computer and, if required, to connect the internet to Your heating system monitoring and management.

Boiler operation the NECESSARY equipment and sensors:

  • Fan;
  • Fuel transporter;
  • Safety thermostat means mounted adjacent to the boiler output of the sensor;
  • Thermal motor protection – is connected to a thermal contact;
  • Sensors (which may be min 3, max 32). Necessary 3: boiler temperature (always nr. 1), the screw of the machine temperature (always nr. 31) and the stack (flue) temperature sensor (always nr. 32), their not turning, the boiler will not work.
  • Without connection to these, listed above, the devices and the sensors on the boiler will not work.

Additional (according to customer's need) heating system devices and sensors.

  • Boiler pump + necessary for the at least one sensor.
  • Radiator circuit gear + necessary after they located the exit sensor.
  • The floor contour gear + necessary after its a sensor.

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